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 Applied for precise measurements of varnish coating thickness, plastics - isolating layers or galvanic   layers on steel, aluminium, brass or copper. • The meter is equipped with a large, easy-to-read backlight LCD display with brightness control. • Waterproof housing IP-66 • Two ways of measurement: 1. Non-magnetic coating on magnetic surface 2. Isolating coating on conducting surface • Automatic detection of the surface type. • In case of varnish (paint) measurement on galvanised surface, there is a possibility of measurement   of varnish coating thickness together with the zinc coating thickness or only of the varnish coating,    thanks this it is possible to calculate the zinc coating thickness.  One probe enables measurements on various surfaces.  The result of the measurement is displayed in μm or mils (1/1000 inch).  MG-405 ensures fast stabilisation of readings.  Stabilisation of reading is confirmed by a sound signal.  Equipped with an auto-hold function – the readout freezes on the display for 10 seconds or until the next measurement is performed.  High accuracy is ensured by precise calibration and storing of the probe characteristics in the product’s memory.  In case of unusual thickness of the surface 3 point calibration on freely chosen thickness samples is possible.  3 characteristics of calibration can be stored in the meter’s memory.  There is a possibility to set a maximal and minimal value, exceeding of them is signalised on the display.  Minimal flat surface to measure: 1 cm2.  Minimal diameter of a pipe with a measured varnish: 2,5 cm  Built in real clock and date function.  Internal memory up to 4000 results with time and date.  Maximal, minimal and average values of measurements can be read from the stored results.  Possibility of connecting with a PC by RS-232 output or by optional USB adapter. 

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