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temp\humidity meter


temp\humidity meter


  • Precision sensor: accurate measurements of the humidity indoor thanks to the integrated hygrometer, +/- 3% within the range of (35…75%) and +/-1 °C for the indoor temperature
  • Comfort-levels: coloured comfort-level zones are shown on the display for a healthy room climate, they show if the values are ideal, too humid or overly dry
  • Max. -Min. Values: permanent display of maximum and minimum values in order to get reliable information for your home, garden, leisure and work for the last 24 hours
  • Trend arrows: fast way of monitoring a change in the temperature and the humiditiy values, with accurate measurements
  • Design: hygrometer has a stainless steel frame and can be wall mounted, freestanding or can be attached to metallic surfaces with the magnet

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